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Knowing the Lingo

Farming is hard work, so it helps to know the lingo. Here are some common terms you may have "Herd" down on the farm.


  • Pig - an animal under 120 pounds
  • Hog - an animal over 120 pounds 
  • Boar - male of any age with full reproductive capability
  • Barrow - male that have been castrated
  • Farrowing - the act of giving birth
  • Gilt - female that has not had a litter
  • Piglet - young pig up till weaning
  • Runt - the smallest pig in the litter
  • Sow - female that has had at least one litter
  • Weaning - the time when piglets are removed from the sows, usually at 6-8 weeks

Helpful terms to know



  • On the hoof - refers to selling or purchase of the pig live 
  • Live Weight - the weight of a pig before slaughter 
  • Hanging Weight - the weight of a pig after the head, bones and inards are removed
  • Freezer weight - the weight of the cut and packed meat
  • By the cut - refers to the selling or purchase of cuts of meat from a pig
  • State inspected - in referance to a butchering facility, which has been inspected by the state. Meat butchered at a State inspected facility CANNOT be sold by the cut. The purchaser must buy the Pig Standing or On the Hoof. (per Virginia law)
  • USDA Inspected - in referance to a butchering facility that is federally inspected and approved by the USDA. Meat that is USDA Inspected can be sold by the pound or cut as well as on the hoof or standing.

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