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Our Story

In 1991, Ron and Sharon Reich moved their family to the land that would eventually be known as Willow Creek Farm. Through the years the Reich Family has grown.

     The family worked the land and have learned to produce clean, healthy, quality products for our family, as well as becoming self sufficient in many ways. 
       We have several gardens and a small orchard where we grow a variety of fruits & veggies for our families, as well as the animals. We harvest our own firewood from a small forest at the back of our farm. For the past few years we have been growing NON-GMO Corn and grinding our own custom feed for all of our animals.
      Currently, we run a cow/ calf operation that births about eighteen Angus calves a year. Our chicken coop is full of Rhode Island Reds, Australorps and Ameraucans and produces around six dozen eggs a day.
     In 2011 Travis and Katie started The White Barn Company which specializes in pig farrowing and pork production. We are actively breeding ten Hampshire Sows with our Tamworth Boar. We have been raising about 40-80 feeder pigs a year.

    In 2017 we began a Goat herd. We have around 12 goats, that are pasture raised and feed our home grown and ground NON- GMO feed.
    We sell animals on the hoof as feeder pigs at around forty pounds. We also sell cuts by the pound that we have had proce
ssed in Highland county, Harrisonburg and in Front Royal. They are all USDA inspected facilities. We are in our 5th year at the Waynesboro Farmer's Market and second year at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market.

The White Barn Company has steadily grown and we currently offer Beef, Pork and Goat by the cut as well as primals to local resturants and food trucks. White Barn Essentials is our line of natural skin care products available at the Farmers markets as well as our own blend of dried goods.

The bees are doing well and our Tilapia greenhouse in under way. Food is important and how it gets to the table is as well. We are committed to bring happy, healthy food from our Farm to your table.

   Sustainable farming is our passion! Teaching our four children to be good stewards of the earth and bringing our farm fresh products to your table is our goal.




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